The time in between intercourse and foreplay when the man is putting on a condom and continues to stimulate the woman.
'Mate, last night I was interplaying with Jane and I lost my erection!'

'I was too drunk to interplay last night and she dried up before I was inside her.'

'I was too over excited when interplaying and premed on her.'

'Interplay is the key to great sex.'
by Alec (South Africa) May 30, 2009
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one of the first big time game-software coorporations, remembered most for creating the hugely popular Fallout series. Lasted for more than twenty years.
good night, interplay

by Mike July 16, 2004
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How two or more things have an effect on each other.
Astrology is basically the interplay between planets and earth.
by milkandbikkies December 10, 2015
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