9 definitions by LUkeAss

When one does whatever it takes to acquire disgusting amounts of cash or valuables.
I stole millions of dollars from charities, old ladies trust funds, and childrens hospitals. Hey man don't judge me, I was just chasing the cake!
by LUkeAss April 13, 2010
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a short term for cigarretes used by someone who is usually high or just a complete ass
You kid pass the ettes over HURR
by LUkeAss December 21, 2003
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Reference to the gayest band ever, Fall out Boy. The members of the "band" are a bunch of whiny pussies wearing girls jeans. They are helping contribute to the death of true rock music, which has been slowly dying for a while now. Fuck these fall out fags, fuck them up their faggy assholes!
12 year old girl: OMFG i luv fallout boy they are so punk rock and hawt!!

Me: I fucking hate you you piece of dog shit, listen to the Ramones or the Sex Pistols for punk rock, not the fall out fags you stupid little cuntrag fuckface
by LUkeAss August 23, 2006
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It is tough because he was in a boyband everyone was 98% sure was gay, when he went solo he sounds like he was castrated, yet he gets to bang jessica simpson...its not fair he is a fagbag!
You want to join a boyband then once you get big, go solo and sing like a faggot?? Dude, dont go Nick Lachey on me
by LUkeAss January 15, 2004
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When a penguin shats, he makes a substance called PENGUIN SHIT
Eat penguin shit you ass belancher
by LUkeAss December 23, 2003
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When you rip a fart so loud, long, and vile smelling, well my friends, you have just dropped the a bomb
Oh my god it smells like my grandpas asshole after taco bell in here! Jon dont drop the a bomb again I cant fucking breath!
by LUkeAss March 28, 2004
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When you take a crap that is so big and comes out so fast that the toilet water splashes up and gets all ovewr your ass or nuts
Damn my ass is soaked after that power dump
by LUkeAss January 10, 2004
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