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A pedophile who specifically rapes little girls and is only interested in vaginas!
Dude that guy Jim!! i think hes a teter twat
by LMFMC FUCKER June 9, 2009
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Is another way of saying you or someone is suffering from errectial disfunction!
Guy 1: dude did you hear about LaBraunda?
Guy2: Yeah, i heard he has errectial disfunction monkeys!
by LMFMC FUCKER June 8, 2009
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Someone who lacks a backbone or any intellegence, a tool is completely moronic, and useless!
Guy 1: Dude that chick is smoking!
Guy 2: I KNOW!!!
Guy 3: Man you tools need to get yourselves a lady!
by LMFMC FUCKER June 8, 2009
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Note: sarcasm is used in the example
Wyatt: The GRCCS boys won zones!
Eric: Yeah Wyatt and i saw a saskquatch
Stephan: Yeah and Cheerleading is a sport!!
by LMFMC FUCKER December 7, 2009
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The act of, or participating, in a giant orgy involving the douching of female participants vaginas!
Guy 1: Dude were you at that giant orgy last night?
guy 2: yeah dude it was a total Mc Douche n hump
by LMFMC FUCKER June 5, 2009
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To sniff a males genitalia. Starting at the pubes(body of rat, as in the fur) then sniff the penis(this being the tail of the rat).
Guy 1: Dude guess what!!
Guy 2: what???
Guy 1: I just paid Earl $50 to give me a rat sniff!!!
by LMFMC FUCKER June 8, 2009
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When something is pro, awesome, prime!
Guy 1: dude did you see that new movie?
Guy 2: Yeah dude it was PRIME PICKLES!!!
by LMFMC FUCKER June 7, 2009
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