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Gold that every jew has. They have 2 bags; one is fake and the other is real. The real one is hung around the jews neck.
cartman: kyle, give me your jew gold.
kyle: fuck you fatass. i said i don't have jew gold.
cartamn: give me it now or you are gonna die kyle.
by awahl December 15, 2005
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Jew gold is the term for the little bags of gold that Hebrew and Shebrew people wear around their necks. They also have a little bag of fake gold around their necks to distract people from the real gold.
Give me your jew gold.
by JTFROMNL September 16, 2006
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Jew gold is a term for the small bag of gold that Jews wear around their neck. The purpose of jew gold is to buy heaven from God on Judgement Day. Jews carry two bags around their necks, one for the jew gold, and a decoy bag filled with rocks.

It has been scientifically proven that it is impossible to get a Jew to part with their jew gold.
Me: Give me your jew gold.
Jew: Fuck you, I need it to buy heaven.
by Trinexx April 11, 2007
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Popularized by 'Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow' episode number 908 of South Park, Jew Gold is the gold contained in a small bag that is hung around every Jewish man and womans neck. Every Jewish man and woman also carries a fake bag filled with rocks or other heavy items so it will be perceived as the real jew gold.
Hand over the jew gold you jew, i know you have two bags, one real one fake, give me both.
by ambulance_x February 03, 2007
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A pouch of gold held by all jews around their neck. This bag is concealed and hidden from non-heebs. When attempting to steal the Jew's gold beward of their bag of fake jew-gold also held to trick the unsuspecting. Jews are very greedy and very crafty.
I tried to get Zonkas jew-gold the other day and all i got was this bag of dredles. That jew and his money.
by Marty Schottenheimer November 02, 2005
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Money a person thought to be void of any wealth leaves to various beneficiaries. Often hoarded and hidden for a lifetime, even from close family members.
Jim:"Grandma Mildred left me $30,000!"
Jedediah:"I thought she was poor, she did live in a box after all."
Jim:"She had jew gold apparently..."
by IamScotticus March 01, 2010
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The name given to a pile of small change in coins but mostly in the Euro denomination as it is coloured gold.
Have you got any Jewgold? I need like 20cents.
by ScottIRock September 23, 2010
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