DUDE WHAT is used by gamers all over the world. Typically used by online gamers because of the very fact they cannot pause the game. The subject is typically distracted by someone calling them on their cell phone, or their mom telling them that dinner is ready, or just an annoying friend. DUDE WHAT is typically a very abrupt phrase used immediately after the gamer dies because of the distraction. The gamer will use this phrase out of complete anger.
Friend: dude! check out this youtube video!
gamer: hold on! im leveling!
Friend: check it out! your gonna miss it! look! look! look!
*gamer dies*
gamer: DUDE WHAT!? ive already seen that video!!!!!
friend: dang.....i gotta go......
by glozano June 3, 2011
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Typical stoner reply to anything. Most likely after a long-winded explanation of something "deep"
StonerA: Hey, I just had the greatest epiphany ever. We're all only alive because because we choose to believe we are. If you stop believing you're alive, maybe you just disappear and no one realizes that you're gone.

StonerB: ...Dude, what?
by Patback45 March 27, 2011
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"dude, what the fuck" is a saying spoken by weak minded people who just can't accept other people's opinions.
James- "Dude, what the fuck"
Daniel- "Shut up James you faggot"
by pepperoni46 January 11, 2019
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A pretty bad ripoff of, "Mythbusters" shown on Cartoon Network.

Due to the fact that Dude What Would Happen appeals to 10 year old boys, Cartoon Network generates good popularity for it.
"I love that show Dude What Would Happen, it rocks!"

"Are you 10 man?"
by SeventhSandwich[BL] June 8, 2010
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A Philism most often used in blatantly obvious situations.
Phil: Dude what are you doing? (Said to man sitting on toilet conducting the butt orchestra)
Mistral: WTF I’m giving birth to a brown baby boy what’s it sound like?
by Hooter Hunter August 25, 2004
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A commonly said phrase by someone who is nicely baked when they are unaware of the situation.
(while high)
Angel:(slowly) Hey so you wanna go grab some pizza, i'm pretty hungry, aaaannndd i want some pizza. you hungry for some pizza?
Daniel: Dude... Wait, what?
Angel: You wanna get some pizza?
Daniel: Alright, but i'm not sharing.

by pomtea August 1, 2008
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