A German magician and alchemist who sold his soul to Mephistopheles in exchange for wisdom.
Faust sold his soul to gain knowledge.
by RichterScale November 06, 2005
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Meaning "fist" in German, Faust is a description of a person who is unbelievably kickass and the life of the party.
"Finally, the Faust is here!"

"I'm gonna be Fausty tonight."
by trainwreck12390428032195 November 15, 2009
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Someone who is constantly alone. A person who does nothing but aimlessly walks this earth in search of some sort of human contact. He/She is udderly, and helplessly alone.
Dude, Andrew is such a faust. He does nothing but drive around in that redneck-ass Firebird all day long.
by Hans Melmer March 04, 2008
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Two kick ass girls who pretend to be wizards and scale mountains in the Eastern Kingdom
You: Have you seen those Faust sisters?
Them: Yeah! I think they're going to go pour milk on someone
by imospen November 27, 2009
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A word to describe a person who will easily sell themselves or their friends out for personal gain.
(He/She/It) is a faust.
by Tevetoglu January 15, 2007
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Can be used as an insult or as a general descriptive word.
"Look at that guy, what a faust!"

"God my head feels fausty this morning"
by Sean_G June 08, 2005
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