Junior Grimes. Nuff said

Derived from the legend, Mephistopheles. A demon of Faustian lore and such. Junior grimes is the final product.

Yo beware of that creepy kid junior Grimes, he’s not who you think he is, which is what makes him even more terrifying!

J Grimes is Mephistopheles, lord of pain and chief of all the malevolent forces

Mephistopheles is the full name of junior If anyone’s wondering
by Outlooker of omens December 28, 2022
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A demon frequent in occult mythology, and a cheif member in the Faust legend. Often seen in the form of a dog, horse, or raven familar.
Mephistopheles promised to serve as Faust's servant for 24 years.
by The Zebu November 21, 2003
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A name for a demon of devil associated in the Faust legend.

By the 17th century, the name had begun to lead an existence independent of the Faust legend.

Now it is just another word smart people can call people they don't like. Since is it fairly unknown, it's handy because people won't argue with you for fear of looking stupid by asking what it means.
"President Bush... jeez, what an evil mephistopheles."
by Sophia Rose January 6, 2008
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Obey me's newspaper man got stripper heels woah
Idk not much lore but I'm pretty sure he used to date mommy milker man but now mommy milker man like sigma male man :/
Oh man...Mephistopheles can stick his heels up my ass any day.
Woah...This hate article on Lucifer was written by Mephistopheles??
Mephistopheles? The hottie with the HEELS??
by SopNibanofi April 11, 2022
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