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A drink introduced in Ash Vs Evil Dead. According to Ash's recipe, the drink is made using vodka, strawberry liqueur, grenadine, lemonade, orange zest, and nutmeg. Also, it has a "shit ton of Ketamine" in it. The drink is so popular for being so strong that a few sips would get you wasted, that folks would come from the next towns over to try this legendary beverage.
Before Ashley J Williams became famous for killing Deadites, he and his buddy Chet were famous for their legendary beverage, Pink Fuck, found ONLY in Elk Grove, Michigan.
by KrispyDymond January 21, 2018

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The best character in the Netflix series Stranger Things. Played by the incomparable Sadie Sink She plays video games, rides a skateboard, has red hair, and is totally adorable. If you don't like her, you deserve to be raped by a Demagorgon.
Mad Max Mayfield can beat your score at Dig Dug, and can probably beat your ass too!!
by KrispyDymond December 14, 2017

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The only song by the (fictional) band Glitter Job. The beginning of the song was originally used for part of the Bad Lip Reading parody of Stranger Things. However , a full version was later recorded and made available on YouTube and ITunes. While some of the lyrics are admittedly nonsensical, it is still an awesome song, with cool beats, and awesome vocals.
The guy that sat on his potato put his socks around his neck.

Even I would touch the junk.

It was a dog who bit me for the burger meat.

I got bit.

Gotta find my sticks.

Frightened nipple, frightened nipple.

The Ice God Of Hungary sailed across the sea

to become a deity.

And while the doctor played his flute,

The captain sailed his crew through the Strait of Avalon.
by KrispyDymond January 02, 2018

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The newest show from the legendary Matt Groening, of The Simpsons and Futurama fame. Basically it's Futurama meets Dave The Barbarian. But don't be fooled, that's a good thing. The show includes: an alcoholic, rebellious teen princess, a shadow-like cat demon, an adorable, feisty elf, as well as Vikings, witches, castle parties, sorcerer orgies, laughing horses, plus numerous shoutouts to Groening's previous works. It really is an awesome show, and is only on Netflix!!
Dude 1: Man, I've been totally bummedsince Futurama ended, and Family Guy and American Dad are getting worse.

Dude 2: Well, check out Disenchantment. It's really awesome. It's Matt Groening's newest show. It's like a medieval Futurama, and the characters and art are a bit like Dave The Barbarian.

Dude 1: Awesome, I loved Dave The Barbarian. I'll totally check it out!!!
by KrispyDymond September 19, 2018

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A strange phrase heard in the song Shapeshift by Horse The Band, an awesome metal group. In the song, the protagonist is asked by his girlfriend to "sing the cripple song" with her, which scares him off. Therefore, Cripple Song probably refers to marriage, sex,or a long term relationship, which the protagonist wants no part of. So he leaves her. In this sense, singing the cripple song, in real life, can refer to any task which one would rather avoid, such as working, paying bills, or visiting in-laws.
You should have seen her, at one with the Gods.

She said "let's sing the Cripple Song".

Then i was gone.

Oh dear, oh dear. Then i was gone.

She said " let's sing the Cripple Song together".

Then i was gone.
by KrispyDymond December 18, 2017

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Filmcow is a YouTube channel run by the enigmatic Jason Steele, an awesome genius. Among the awesome videos made by Filmcow are Charlie The Unicorn, Llamas With Hats, Marshmallow People, the Ghost House series, and Detective Heart Of America, which spawned the Kickstarter funded film, Detective Heart Of America: The Final Freedom. Every Filmcow video is hilarious, and even the shortest video is better than any 30 minute episode of Rick and Morty.
Me: Did you check out the new Filmcow video?

Some dude: Heck yeah!! I wish the Bearnicorn was a real animal. It's dumps are magic, you know.
by KrispyDymond December 25, 2017

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Death by masturbation. Basically, fapping so hard you die. Most common in older men with erectile disfunction, who have a hard time getting, and keeping, it up, making them have to jerk harder, thus increasing the heartbeat, often resulting in a heart attack. Faptality, in a broader sense, can refer to ANY fap-related mishap, such as autoerotic asphyxiation gone wrong.
Tim: "Hey did you hear what happened to Blake? He was watching Japanese porn, and nutted so hard, his balls exploded and he had a heart attack!!!"
Nelson: " Wow, not THAT is a faptality!!!"
by KrispyDymond November 28, 2018

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