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Possibly the world's most sadistic game. Dig Dug is an Arcade game from the Midway and Namco heydey of games such as Pac-Man Galaga and Rally X. The game stars a white-clad miner named Dig Dug who has been charged with the task of ridding the tunnels below his home of monsters, usually strange google-things and cute dragons. The object of the game, as such, is to destroy them all, oftentimes the last enemy will attempt to escape.

The sadistic part is that you only have two weapons with which to dispatch your enemies. One of which is by digging paths underneath boulders, causing them to fall down, and hopefully crush your prey, not too sadistic, right? Well, the main way you'll be dispatching cute goggle-wearing google thingies and cute-looking baby-ish dragons is with your trusty harpoon and air pump. Yes, that's right, Dig Dug spears them with a harpoon, then uses an air pump to inflate them like balloons until they explode.
Dig Dug hunted down the last orange google, and laughed maniacally as he inflated the poor thing until it burst.

What the hell were the Japanese on when they made this game?
by BathroomRage December 04, 2005
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A classic arcade game from the 1980's where the most common way of defeating enemies was to shoot them with an air-pump and inflate them bigger and bigger until they burst. Now used to describe the unfortunate state of someone who has physically 'let themselves go'.
Person #1: "Dude, did you see how fat she looks now?"
Person #2: "Damn, I know. She used to be so thin. Someone went 'Dig Dug' on her ass."
by hmjd July 03, 2013
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A Fucking Awesome Game That No-One Takes The Time To Sit Down And Play Anymore.
Me:Hey Jimbo,Whens The Last Time You Played That Game Dig-Dug?

Jimbo:I've Never Played That Game Before,I Dont Know Why,Maybe Its Because Im Gay?!?
by TySoN 2 Da DeJaynes August 22, 2006
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The area between the scrotum and anus; the taint; the perineum.
Ever since we rented 'Taint Frenzy 11,' my boyfriend keeps bugging me to lick peanut butter off his dig dug.
by Big Dawg ATX December 28, 2005
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My dude
My Hommie
My Nigga

or you can get rid of the my and just say


You can also say Dig Duggin which means:

Chillin wit my dudes, my hommies or my niggas
Dude 1 - Yo
Dude 2 - Wussup Dig Dug
Dude 1 - Nuttin man lets just go get some pussy dawg

Ex 2

Dude 1 - Dawg guess what just happened Dig Dug
Dude 2 - What man??
by Spada123 November 29, 2007
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