Application by Adobe for viewing PDF documents in Windows. Necessary for many tasks but generally a pain in the ass because it's bloated and slow.
Fucking damnit all of those motherboard manuals are in .pdf format and I don't have Acrobat installed and I'm on dialup and FUCK
by nezwick August 29, 2006
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A person who can stretch and flex in many ways. uses it mostly for sex-related games.

A stunt or jump done by a freak who wants to kill himself
I'd always want to fuck an acrobat. i would be able to do all the poses I can only imagine...

by Reverend T May 2, 2006
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The dangling piece of sperm that hangs from your lovers face, particularly from the nose, ears and/or chin, after giving them a facial or a mis-shot pearl necklace. Not unlike what happened in "Something about Mary" from the ear...
But baby, you look so cute all covered in acrobats.

"Man, i blasted it on her face and she had this massive acrobat hanging from her nose!!"
by pegaxs July 15, 2005
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one who excels at acrobaticism
larry's acrobatical performance was unbelievably queer
by anonymous ball smacker March 20, 2003
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a pedophile, a child molesteror. From 'PDF File', the file used by 'acrobat reader'.
'That Bill Henson is a real acrobat'
by sitcheh October 23, 2008
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a retard that can stretch and to flips... usually gay
he is a good acrobat
by retardo alexandro July 1, 2005
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the act of resisting logic and reason, otherwise known as mental gymnastics.
John is performing an amazing feat of mental acrobatics by accepting that the world is flat.
by Ria_Dara July 21, 2019
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