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A slang term for neat. Can be used at any point in a conversation. On MSN it is most often spelled out as Capital N e a r t period-Ex) Neart.
Fuck man Joe's getting on my Prom date...Neart Novy Neart.
Awfully Neart.
by Riley MacDonald November 10, 2007
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A neart is technically a fart, but in proximity, or near, other people. A fart is arguably ONLY a fart if it is done by oneself, or FAR, from other people, thus the "far" in fart. To be a neart, the person must pass gas in the vicinity of others, and at least one must be able to smell it, to deem it a true neart.
Tony was late to work, stuck in the dinky old elevator, listening to that stupid elevator music. To make matters worse, the fat dude next to him let loose a loud, smelly, room-shaking neart.
by KrispyDymond November 01, 2018
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