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A Felcher. A man that likes to toss other mens salad. One that likes the feel of a hard penis in his ass.
I tell you, after we left the rainbow we went up his place and girl I tell ya, be pulled a real Danmac on me. I was strung up like a pig.
by King September 5, 2003
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Not the main favored candidate. Someone somewhat unkown who exceeds expectations of all others in an event. This saying is said to go back to the Victorian politician Benjamin Disraeli who, apart from finding time to regularly become Prime Minister, also found time to write a novel called "The Young Duke". In the book there is a description of a horse race in which the two favourites cannot make the running. In the meanwhile "a dark horse...rushed past the grandstand in a sweeping triumph".
Georgia Tech was a dark horse in the 2004 NCA basketball tournament.
by King May 7, 2005
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A chick that likes grinding her pussy against you.
She ground her meat curtains against my leg, getting it all wet! What a grinder!
by King May 15, 2003
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A girls vigina lips that hang long because of over exposer to sex.
Damn, that girls had it so many times she got meat curtains, I wouldn't hit that for nothing man.
by King February 10, 2003
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The act of tucking one's shaft and balls down between their legs, then mooning someone.
That fucking faggot Jason, gave us a Monkey Pussy.
by King January 22, 2004
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