41 definitions by King

The activity performed in order to establish a relationship and/or acquire sexual favours from a particular target (spade victim).
I spaded her ass. Now I get to tap it!

I am the spade king because chicks spade me!
by King August 18, 2003
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the founder of mistapista.com
WOBURN C.I. student
by King October 15, 2003
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refferring to anything disliked
-we have a paper due tomorrow
-that sux a dick on a bun!
by King September 23, 2004
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A girls vigina lips that hang long because of over exposer to sex.
Damn, that girls had it so many times she got meat curtains, I wouldn't hit that for nothing man.
by King February 10, 2003
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a mix of to words nipple and ring
give us a look at your ning
by King February 18, 2003
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The act of tucking one's shaft and balls down between their legs, then mooning someone.
That fucking faggot Jason, gave us a Monkey Pussy.
by King January 22, 2004
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