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the best, most awesome section of the band who are always hot and know how to read music (yeah they really do, get over it)
Are you sure the drumline is with the marching band?
by King January 30, 2005
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A girls vigina lips that hang long because of over exposer to sex.
Damn, that girls had it so many times she got meat curtains, I wouldn't hit that for nothing man.
by King February 10, 2003
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A Felcher. A man that likes to toss other mens salad. One that likes the feel of a hard penis in his ass.
I tell you, after we left the rainbow we went up his place and girl I tell ya, be pulled a real Danmac on me. I was strung up like a pig.
by King September 5, 2003
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someone that is usually hot. best seen in the lesbian form. but otherwise noted as a prep. mostly stuck up but is a good sight to look at.
betty is a cheerleader. she likes muff but she is a bitch.
by King April 24, 2003
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muthafuckas whop fuck it up the asshole
and ija ja pankja!


i love SPANDEWX!
i got a big heepin bowl of spandex-os the nutritional breakfast cereal manufactured by dobinstoffers in nazi work camps
by King February 2, 2004
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in referance to paint the walls the palate is a chicks pussy in which you dip the brush(penis) into
after hours of painting my brush needed some more paint when a palate came along i was ready to go for longer
by King April 24, 2004
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