41 definitions by KING

Alastair is a scoreman because he scores Teresa all the time!
by KING May 14, 2003
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the founder of mistapista.com
WOBURN C.I. student
by KING October 15, 2003
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The activity performed in order to establish a relationship and/or acquire sexual favours from a particular target (spade victim).
I spaded her ass. Now I get to tap it!

I am the spade king because chicks spade me!
by KING August 18, 2003
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refferring to anything disliked
-we have a paper due tomorrow
-that sux a dick on a bun!
by KING September 24, 2004
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someone that is usually hot. best seen in the lesbian form. but otherwise noted as a prep. mostly stuck up but is a good sight to look at.
betty is a cheerleader. she likes muff but she is a bitch.
by KING April 24, 2003
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A Felcher. A man that likes to toss other mens salad. One that likes the feel of a hard penis in his ass.
I tell you, after we left the rainbow we went up his place and girl I tell ya, be pulled a real Danmac on me. I was strung up like a pig.
by KING September 5, 2003
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