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A girls vigina lips that hang long because of over exposer to sex.
Damn, that girls had it so many times she got meat curtains, I wouldn't hit that for nothing man.
by king February 10, 2003
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Random Access Memory

1.Memory used by computers to store the currently running operating system, programs, and open files. Erased when power is turned off.

2.The thing a computer never has enough of.
"This computer has 512Mb of RAM."
by king May 27, 2003
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The intentional mis-spelling of "probably" to include an extra "a" to denote "Anna", the love of my life.
FOr example, when organising an evening's liaison, one might say, "I'll proabably see you tonight, baby." which would intrnsicise an "Anna" element.
by king July 7, 2004
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3 homies who live according to the elements of the Teet code, 'B be B'.
If you can't live without your wife, you can't live the 2 Teet' life!
by king February 4, 2005
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A cantonese word for wordfuck/word. Commonly used inconjunction with explicit, specific and graphic descriptions of the object that is being fucked.
Diu fuck lay your lo old hai pussy.

Diu fuck lay your lo mo mother's chau smelly hai pussy.

Diu fuck lay your see shit fut hole.
by king September 3, 2003
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in referance to paint the walls the palate is a chicks pussy in which you dip the brush(penis) into
after hours of painting my brush needed some more paint when a palate came along i was ready to go for longer
by king April 24, 2004
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