Somebody on a message board, mostly wrestling ones, showing their level of intellect by talking about two wrestlers having a "fued", rather than a feud which they are actually having.

Normally I wouldn't mind, but it seems there are hundreds of people that can't spell the damn word right, so I'm doing them a favour.
"i hope we see and exciting fued between jbl and john cena." - Bad spelling, bad grammar, and a complete inability to spot a talented wrestler in favour for a couple of really bad ones.
by OD Smith June 8, 2005
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a word shown in manga showing a chuckle
"fu fu fu, what kind of pathetic trinket is this?!"
by MR RUSSIA March 24, 2005
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Less offensive description of vagina. From Latin word fufuris, meaning 'split'
She had to have work done at the gynecologist on her fu-fu.
by Lori October 8, 2003
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Part of speach: noun

Definition: A fu-fu (fufu) is a smug, stuck-up progressive, usually a man with a feminine side. Many of them are from a wealthy class and can be found in high rent urban areas with a liberal lifestyle (ie San Francisco, New York).

Fufu can also be used to describe a man’s selection in clothes, drinks, cars, etc.
HaaaHaaaHaa, look at the fu-fu driving around in the teal color "Smart" car.
by Bay Area Tool May 13, 2011
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When you move house and are wondering where to put 'that' vase wandering around the house you are Fu Fu-ing
by cinderelladay October 25, 2010
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short for f**k you.
"Man, I just embarrassed you!"
by don't matter March 20, 2003
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Noob1234:destroys my home in Minecraft me:Fu** u noob1234
by Firesmile 5555 September 22, 2020
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