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fo sheezy my neezy = fo shizzle my nizzle = fo sure my nigga = i whole-heartedly agree with u my african american friend
by Kia May 06, 2003

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Derivitive of the British word 'Spiffing'. A fun/cute way of expressing general satisfaction with a thing/situation/person.
"Oh Jane! You're so spiffy!"

"I got some new boots yesterday. They are spiffy!"

"Ah...everythings so SPIFFY today"
by Kia September 16, 2003

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the sexiest man alive
look at that rombod, his dick is huge
by kia July 02, 2004

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A derogatory term of Yahoo - specifically Yahoo! Chat. Indicative of the evilness and crapness of said website/corporation.
"My god! Yahell Fux0red up again!!!"
by Kia September 16, 2003

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A fine rapper very hot
lloyd banks is very hot
by kia July 22, 2004

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White boys tryna be black.
Jive ass people.
"Man them boyz some fuckn Craka Jacks"
by kia January 02, 2005

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making fun of someone hecca hard
-he got a big ass hole in his sock
-why u gotta geese on him like that?
by kia April 16, 2005

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