17 definitions by Kez 4 Prez

Depression which only surfaces when you think about your finances (or lack thereof).
Kerri's been a bit miserable lately.

Yeah, she's having terrible money hassles, it's financial depression.
by Kez 4 Prez December 13, 2010
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Speaking in a slow monotone, especially on a highbrow or difficult to understand topic, in a mind-numbingly boring manner; akin to a lullaby droning puts listeners into a deep slumber in places where sleeping is inappropriate.
I fell asleep in church today, the minister was just droning on and on and on...
by Kez 4 Prez November 5, 2014
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A very rare creature, a pregmatic woman is pregnant, however she can plan the birth of her baby and beyond from a practical perspective, rather than the usual hormonal emotional turmoil.
Midwife 1: Did you hear... Dierdre is planning to give birth on the day of her exam finals!

Midwife 2: Well, she's extremely pregmatic, so I dare say it will all go smoothly.
by Kez 4 Prez July 16, 2014
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Don't trust Fred, he's flipperty as fuck.
by Kez 4 Prez April 13, 2017
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The time at which a person has totally outstayed their welcome, and is asked to leave.
"Steve, it's fuckoff o'clock mate. Time for you to go."
by Kez 4 Prez August 16, 2014
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Those times when you feel Facebook is just same shit different day.
Pfffffft.... I'm in such a Facebook rut I get depressed just thinking about going online.
by Kez 4 Prez November 23, 2010
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The new age unit of measurement for use in interpersonal relations. Until now penis length has been the standard. However vaginal depth is far more useful for both women and men, as it shows who is compatible with whom (every bloke obviously knowing his penis length).
Mick keeps bragging about having a ten inch dick. He's going to find out how useful that is - NOT - when he hears that Emily only has a vaginal depth of 7 inches.
by Kez 4 Prez March 29, 2017
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