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Someone on Facebook, usually a female, who drifts through their friends pages being a general comfort in other peoples affairs, needlessly bolstering courage, settling arguments which don't concern them, and remembering family events their friends never even told them about and certainly didn't invite them to. They offer unwanted marital and relationship advice. They make uncalled for suggestions about how to raise children. They tell busy, stressed mothers they should take a break "because you deserve it, hon" and they gently admonish fathers to make sure their wife " gets a little me-time". They promise to reveal hearty beef recipes (but never actually give any recipes away) and offer to knit baby clothes (but never actually knit any). Facebook mothers, like, totally get in the way in stressful times, and somebody should tell them to mind their own business, but nobody ever does.
Sue: I see your Facebook mother has been offering unsolicited advice again.
Joy: Yes, and if she wasn't so darn nice i'd tell her where she can stick her nosy suggestions.
by Kez 4 Prez June 13, 2016
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Those times when you feel Facebook is just same shit different day.
Pfffffft.... I'm in such a Facebook rut I get depressed just thinking about going online.
by Kez 4 Prez November 23, 2010
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Malarious is the exact type of funny that only malaria can ever be.
There was this awkward moment when Bob told me he'd contracted malaria, and I just couldn't stop laughing, it was absolutely malarious.
by Kez 4 Prez November 23, 2019
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When someone claims to be in a relationship, only nobody has ever met the alleged partner, or seen any evidence that they really exist.
MIKE: So, have you met Rob's new girlfriend?

ME: No... nobody has.... definitely sounds like a reitano to me.
by Kez 4 Prez March 16, 2011
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A very rare creature, a pregmatic woman is pregnant, however she can plan the birth of her baby and beyond from a practical perspective, rather than the usual hormonal emotional turmoil.
Midwife 1: Did you hear... Dierdre is planning to give birth on the day of her exam finals!

Midwife 2: Well, she's extremely pregmatic, so I dare say it will all go smoothly.
by Kez 4 Prez July 16, 2014
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The time at which a person has totally outstayed their welcome, and is asked to leave.
"Steve, it's fuckoff o'clock mate. Time for you to go."
by Kez 4 Prez August 16, 2014
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A tum that looks like a bum. Usually occurs when a person gains weight and develops a crack down the centre of their stomach, with flabby asscheeks on either side. Can also be the result of hernia.
Sharon had better lose some weight, she's developing quite a bumtum there.
by Kez 4 Prez April 12, 2017
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