90 definition by Kenthar

Half the man 014 is.
by Kenthar November 06, 2003

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Twice the man 007 is
by Kenthar July 23, 2003

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One of the first, and weakest spells in Dungeons&Dragons and many an RPG
I wanna cast...Magic missile!
Why do you want to cast magic missile, there's nothing to attack here.
I...I'm attacking the darkness!
by Kenthar March 19, 2003

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A phrase meaning either:

1. "You are in the general vicinity of where I wish to travel, so get the HELL out of the way before I knock you over."

2. "I don't really care what you're doing at this moment, but I demand you pay attention to me."

Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between the two.
1.Person1: "Excuse me."
Person2: "Yes?"
*dead, confused silence*

2.Person3: "Excuse me."
*Person4 moves out of the way*
Person3: Uh?
by Kenthar December 13, 2004

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Refers to someone that is stuck-up, or a snob. They must ALWAYS be the leader, and they are always a good leader. Ironically, they always have numerous faults, but never EVER admit to them.
Ryza from NationStates.net is holier-than-thou
by Kenthar July 23, 2003

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Any sort of weapon that can be "effortlessly" used to kill another in a video game, usually a First Person Shooter. These weapons are also usually, but not always, shotguns.

Often, these "n00b cannons" have heavy disadvantages, and the guy who keeps getting killed is probably doing something horribly wrong.

Regardless, use of these weapons in public multiplayer will get you mocked and shunned, even though they are valid weapons, with only a couple exceptions.
The Flux Gun in Savage.
The Auto Shotgun in Counter Strike.
The Grub from Gunbound could possibly be considered a n00b cannon.
The Shotgun in Natural Selection.
The SPAS in Navy Seals-Covert Operations.
The Chaingun in Team Fortress
The OICW in SWAT 3.
The Panzerfaust in Enemy Territory. (Restricted on some servers)
The Jackhammer in Planetside.

See any patterns in there? Lots of fast-firing shotguns. Anyone ever hear of sniper rifles to counter?
by Kenthar February 12, 2004

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A key that can be as little as 7/16'ths of an inch away from the mighty "A" key, yet, many do not know how to find it when their letters are in ALL CAPS.
I can't give a proper example, because if I try, then UrbanDictionary says:

We found an error in your definition.

* Example is written in all caps
by Kenthar April 06, 2004

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