90 definition by Kenthar

A type of chocolate cake that usually has copious amounts of fudge included, making them richer and moister than ordinary cake.

A "special brownie" has no solid definition, but a hilarious connotation.
I like to eat brownies, they taste very good.

"Are those...Special brownies?"
"Yes. Yes they are. You want one?"
"Sure." *munches on it*
by Kenthar March 06, 2004

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A CATS-esque version of "What are you saying?" or "What do you mean?"
"My brother played that game you suggested, Jagged Alliance 2, and it was really buggy."
"What you say? It's not buggy!"
by Kenthar April 30, 2004

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The statement that this Eternal Ferret, who does not have his own web dominion, has bested our lord limecat is nothing but heresy.

The battle was caught on video tape. The ferret was immediately distracted by something shiny, as they often are. Limecat swiped, and it was all over in an instant.
Eternal Ferret is dead. Long live Limecat!
by Kenthar February 10, 2004

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When put into a calculator and flipped upside down (kind of like 5318008), spells "hello"
Just your random useless fact of the day that you probably already know!
by Kenthar October 01, 2003

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1. An event in chess where one side is not checkmated on their turn, yet cannot make any moves that would not put their king into peril. This supposedly results in a draw, making it a strategic thing to shoot for if one is hopelessly losing.

2. An event that includes, but is not limited to war, games, and war games, in which neither side participating gains a major advantage or victory over the other for some time. In games, stalemates are usually not permanent, as it often forces one side to use up all their resources, finally giving way to a victory for the one that managed slightly more carefully.
1. It looked as if he was going to make a dominating win, but his opponent managed a clever stalemate. Better than a full out loss.

2. The Starcraft game dragged on for 2 hours, until Bob ran out of ore but Tom still had a resource base going. It was just a matter of time from there.
by Kenthar February 28, 2004

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The foxdonut.

The MEC searches tirelessly for this mystical artifact, which is said to bestow its holder the voracious eating powers of vulpines.
"Var er rävmunken?"
"Where is the foxdonut?"
by Kenthar January 28, 2006

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The right that an artist (occasionally called artistic license) or writer has, to let him or her deviate from fact or conventional ideas. This is usually to make things more interesting, or try to introduce radical ideas.

This is commonplace from past to present, from the history of music or the history of games; companies and people have tried something crazy and new, and people liked them, like the Team-based Realism Genre that Counter-Strike introduced, or the RTS\FPS hybrid that Natural Selection and Savage have used.
"Sir, dolphins do not have giant rabbit ears..."
"It's uh, poetic license! Yeah..."
by Kenthar February 28, 2004

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