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Another name that people use to disguise themselves. This can be done anywhere, but is usually online because it is hard to identify someone's true name except through their IP address, which isn't foolproof.

Variations on the word are aliasing, the present tense verb form, and aliaser, referring to the actual person hiding behind their false name, whose identity will never change (in online situations).

Aliasing is frowned upon because people may think that you're a new person, or in small-community games where everybody knows everybody, possibly even cheating. People like to get to know a regular client's personality, and develop a friendship or rivalry with them. Aliasing disrupts this, since you never know if you're talking with friend or foe.
That guy...He must be using an alias.

I think Bob is here, but he's aliasing.

The aliaser is aliasing if he uses an alias.
by Kenthar April 22, 2004

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At first glance, PPP is indeed "DDR with hands," until you find out exactly what you are supposed to do in the game.

In Parapara Mode, you are to copy exactly what the person on the screen does. It is exactly the same every time, and has several repeated things to do for each individual song, making it a sort of standard dance routine. This is much easier to memorize, since it's not like you have to remember every single arrow; just the dance itself. Once you memorize the song, which is entirely possible, you can set the arrows and on-screen dancer to invisible, and look completely cool doing the routine, AND getting all the arrows correct in the process.

In freestyle mode, the on-screen dancer is still doing the parapara routine, but is not mirrored to you (the camera spins and goes around her constantly). Instead, you are given completely unrelated arrows, so that you are supposed to make up your own routine. Mostly though, people just set it on hard difficulty, and go into what we like to call "Crazy arm-waving mode." This gives PPP a bad name, and is NOT what the game is about.
Para Para Paradise is a test of personal nimbleness and memory, while showing off the same to onlookers.
by Kenthar March 11, 2004

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An extremely lucky number, due to the fact that everyone knows 7 is the luckiest number around, and if you have three of them...
by Kenthar March 18, 2003

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Verb: to drink something and have it come out your nose because you're laughing so hard.
I told her a funny joke while she was drinking a soda and she snorked. Then I killed her for wasting good soda, and licked it up off the ground.
by Kenthar October 30, 2003

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Sometimes used in forums or messageboards to refer to the post above.
Lol dat's funnah!!!!11!!!111oneone!1
by Kenthar July 23, 2003

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Short for Deus Ex Machina, or the literary term for an event or person coming out of the blue and doing something miraculous or unprecedented.

The game of the same name has your character, JC Denton coming from nowhere and changing the world drastically in a matter of days.
We worked as slaves to the terrible aliens for years, and then Eminem came over and detonated a nuke on the planet. Talk about Deus Ex!
by Kenthar March 17, 2004

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A very deadly and painful STD that comes from having sex with someone infected with herpes that is also not very good at spelling. Quite similar to ghonorrea.
Various people that posted definitions for groupie, Good times, klax, corn, Prostawhore, herp, *erica* Twatslut, and ahg seem to think herpies is a word.
by Kenthar January 13, 2004

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