90 definition by Kenthar

It's what the guys in Time Crisis 2 say when they're about to be bulleted into next week?
I'm gonna die? Shucks!
by Kenthar March 19, 2003

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See anonymity
There are more definitions for anonymity than there are for anonymous
by Kenthar November 11, 2003

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The punchline to a rather average joke.
Why is 10 scared of 7?

Because 789
by Kenthar March 18, 2003

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How you can tell when someone is lying, that is, if they don't have a chronic stutter problem.
I can tell you're lying, cuz when you're replying, you stutter, stutter, ss ss stutter, sutter...
by Kenthar October 14, 2003

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What earth will be a trillion years from now.
Right now, Earth is relatively new. In a trillion years, it'll be OLD!
by Kenthar September 25, 2003

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The non sequitur, and repeated punchline from a Simpsons episode, though from the normal UD definition for battleship, it could easily mean something vulgar.
"You sunk my battleship!"
"Ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
by Kenthar November 07, 2003

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