148 definition by Kelly

Adjective used to describe something that is exceedingly good. For even greater emphasis, a quanitative/qualitative adjective may precede it.

For added irony, use in situations where any sort sexual connotation is NOT fitting.

Also spelled: sex-cellent
Check out my new ringtone! Its totally sexcellent.

This pine air freshener makes my car smell 1000% sexcellent.

We should all ride down to the show together! That would be sexcellent.
by Kelly April 22, 2005

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hott is a guy who's pants you want to get into or sex up every night and day
mike gould daniel johns jesse mccartney
by kelly April 18, 2005

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this is like a term of inderment for thugs it's like the word cuzz but with put gang origin, or gangta
hey whats up sodxcuzzo
by Kelly March 30, 2005

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a really talented punk rock band that will eventually be famous
by Kelly January 03, 2003

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A movement that started in the 60's for people who sat on their asses with long hair and beards who smoked pot all day and were into peace and love
"Thats abunch of tree hugging hippie crap"
"Drugs are bad because hippies do drugs and hippies suck!"
by Kelly February 13, 2005

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NYURD is what you call a person when you are so amazed by the gheyness they have just shown. This made an appearance in blogs as of recent.
I think you are great for owning that iGay Macintosh computer. Don't worry, nobody will think your are a NYURD!
by Kelly September 02, 2004

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Gum, spanish origin
"Dats some good clickle"
by Kelly June 15, 2004

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