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A homonym that sounds like "but her teeth." To call a woman a "butter teeth" is to say her body and face are very attractive but her teeth are disgusting. It is even more fitting if the problem with her teeth is a yellow hue.
"I thought she was so hot, then she smiled- butter teeth!"
by keifermail July 13, 2009

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A secret phrase between two men at a social gathering or sporting event where they can alert the other that a chick with nice breasts is in the vicinity without alerting those around them. The term is simply boob minus an o. Boob-o=bob.
1st Dude: "Hey look there's Bob!" (Points at breast)
2nd Dude: "I am so glad he could make it. I was worried he wouldn't."
by keifermail July 12, 2009

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Occurs when a man rips an especially violent fart at the moment of orgasm thus adding a jet thrust to further explode his seed into the womb. Some men derive extra pleasure from the act of expelling their flatulence whilst they orgasm. Not for the feign of heart, it should only be utilized at the end of a relationship, with a fat chick, or with a really good humored mate.
She didn't like the jetgasm, but man it felt good as hell!
by keifermail June 29, 2009

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Is a sarcastic derogatory double entendre , usually made after a terrible golf shot. The key is the acronym l.o.f.t. meaning lack of fucking talent. It is best used against an unsuspecting victim who presumes by loft you mean the loft of the golf club.
Playing partner, "I think you had too much loft on that shot."
Shot maker, "No, I just caught it a little fat."
Playing partner, "By L.O.F.T. I meant lack of fucking talent, dillweed."
by keifermail July 26, 2008

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Acronym- Come to Jesus Moment! Usually an unexpected and over exciting life cahnging experience similar to watching your dog get run over or seeing your girlfriend kiss another guy.
"I bit into that habernero and had a CTJM."
by keifermail July 26, 2008

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