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The summary termination of all life on a planet, utilising advanced nuclear Cyclonic bombs, Virus Bombs, and in some cases, incinerating the planet.
I'd call down exterminatus on the GCN's home planet, 'cep they hardly count as having lives to start with.
by Kc March 30, 2004
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When watching one Youtube video leads to clicking on related videos until you realize you've been doing it for way too long.
Wife: "Why were you up so late last night? You knew you had that presentation at work today!"

Husband: "I'm sorry, I clicked that Youtube link your sister sent me and ended up ChainTubing until like 4am."
by Kc April 20, 2009
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When you are having anal sex,hopefully with a chick, before you pull out you poke her in the sides so she clentches up and your dick comes out clean.
I hate getting shit on my dick, so I use the clean getaway on my girlfriends.
by Kc October 18, 2004
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your a fuckng cock bastard
by Kc August 27, 2003
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good under ground rapper that has alot of street credit and good muzak that set the whole underground trend and part of the hieroglyphics crew
by Kc August 27, 2003
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Basically, telling your computer to do stuff using a programming language. As long as the computer understands the code, it will execute the command blindly.

I tried reprogramming Windows and my computer crashed.
I programmed my computer to overclock itself.
I programmed my computer to create and save files on my hard drive. For some reason, it stopped working...
by Kc June 21, 2006
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