a slang term used primarily in los angeles, referring to some type of a sexual act performed by a catholic school girl at marymount high school.
"dude, that catholic school girl totally just marymounted me!"
by stephen February 16, 2004
A Catholic high school for girls who are too busy doing better things with their time than wasting it coming up with shitty definitions meant to insult those attending other possibly rival schools. Nor do they host parties on the same night as one of that rival school's most important dances of the year.
Most Marymount students are well-rounded: attractive, athletic/artistic, intelligent, and successful young women.
by Pinky March 18, 2005
Truthfully, Marlborough girls are just as smart as Marymount girls, almost as athletic in certain sports, and both schools are equally academically challenging. The difference is that Marymount girls are all of those things and completely gorgeous, and Malborough girls arn't too attractive. I think every Marlborough girl would agree, even though they would never admit it.


Marymount won against Marlborough in 2007 soccer.

Maymount has been undefeated against Malborough since 2001 in the Volleyball State Championships.


Marymount girls have just as much work as Marlborough girls, but somehow are able to go out on weekends and still get to Brown, USC, Berkely...

So, for every other post on her that implies Marymount is an easy school and the girls dont know anything, thats the biggest lie I have ever heard. Why dont you try haveing a min of staying up until 12:30 everynight sophmore year.


Well there isn't really anything I can say about this because we all know Marlboroughs girls looks dont even compare to the average Marymount girl.

By the way, Marlborough girls feel like, they have to dumb down Marymount girls because a Marymount girl is everything (but better) than a Marlborough girl but is actually good looking, not to mention gorgeous.

by what is my name hmmmm November 30, 2007
Future blonde housewives of California.
Man: "My daughter went to Marymount where she became obsessed with being hotter and more fashionable than everyone else, and now she can neither spell nor tell you who the 17th President was."
Other Man: "Bummer."
by 7620 August 29, 2005
all these definitions seem to be about marymount in las angeles but they are all over the world. there is one in New York City and it is pretty sweet. In the US they are all girls private catholic schools but many of the international schools abroad have boys as well and/or are boarding schools. Marymount NY girls are very smart.
marymount field hockey has sexy uniforms.
by marymounter September 13, 2008
a catholic high school for girls who think they are beautiful and athletic and think that everyone in the world wants to fuck them, when in actuality everyone knows that they really are just desperate skanksand an easy lay.
~hoes on the hill

~sluts on sunset

~marry mount me

dude: where did you go to school?
marymount girl: marymount
dude: oh.... so your like a whore right?
Bitchy Catholic girls who are too dumb to get into Marlborough
Marlborough teaches you how to make the millions, Marymount teaches you how to marry into millions
by Kiki January 12, 2005