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hawaiian word for marijuana
Someone stay smoking the pakalolo
by KC February 21, 2004

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2 words a man never wants to hear
GF: Baby, Im pregnant
by KC December 27, 2004

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a relationship between two individuals that share a mutual bond of trust and liking as well as commitment and personal feelings and experiences, which allows them to benefit from each other.
"A friend is one who walks in when others walk out" - a friendship quote
by KC November 29, 2005

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an underground crew comprising of underground rappers like del that funkee homosapien, pep love, casual, souls of mischeif, domino, and goapele
by Kc August 27, 2003

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1. The guy who astonishes "the girlfriend" in every conversation.

2. The guy who you can't get enough of.

3. The guy who shares mutual respect, care, friendship, and fellowship with his girlfriend.

4. Your favorite guy... ever!
I can't believe he's my boyfriend...
by kc January 06, 2005

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1. listen, listen up, listen here. Any one of those. Pronounce oh-yai or oh-jai, depending on the specific dialect of spanish the person is speaking.

2. Once mentioned on an interview meant close to the same meaning as chico.

3. Characterized in the jewish vernacular as to describe a state of stress or kind of like our saying 'oh my G-d'
oye mi canto - listen to my song, listen to me sing
by KC November 29, 2005

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Streets between 59th and 96th. A lot of rich people live in the area especially on fifth avenue. Apartments in the area usually cost at least 1 million. Many JAPS live in the area and go to the one sex private schools around ex. marymount, constance, etc. A book series has been written on the lives of teens who live there, Gossip Girls. A movie is soon to come out.
read the gossip girls series
by KC January 30, 2005

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