80 definitions by Kayla

Kind of like FuckMuffin if yu think about it...lol
yu'd use it if u bash ur knee against a table or something around yur parents. Like i have many times.
by Kayla January 25, 2004
1. very, very large
2. superfluous
That bowl we smoked was gormundo.
by Kayla January 13, 2005
short for luxurious...meant in the sensual way...
oh this velvet blanket wrapped around me is so lux.
by Kayla December 2, 2003
it is a checklesivacian name that means snacks. It is also my moms last name.
by Kayla October 7, 2003
A male who is in some way identified with hip hop culture (breakdancing, rapping/mcing, graffiti)
Sean is such a b-boy. All he does is spit rhymes.
by Kayla December 5, 2003