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a misspelling of love.

it happens to the best of us. and the lazy.

i lvoe the shoes you wore last night. k thanx bye-bye
by daria169 March 07, 2006
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a totally new meaning to love. most think it means less but in reality it means more. made for forever not just someone youll LOVE for only a little while
kcck:hey baby i love you and miss you!
bigred:awh baby i lvoe you too
by lexantha January 08, 2010
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a special word between two people who are truly in love, spelling does not matter.
"I lvoe you!"
"Aww, ahah, I love you too."
by nypiano December 28, 2009
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LVoe - the way Louis Vuitton enthusiasts spell love. Usually capitalizing both the L and the V.
I LVoe the Louis Vuitton Cancan shoe collection!
by kewlgirl77 August 04, 2009
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a typo that stupid people think means a lesser meaning of love
i lvoe you
by Tilly June 15, 2004
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The "online" spelling of the word "love," often used when the actual spelling seems too strong.
sk8R3021: i lvoe you
hottGrrrl21339: i lvoe you 2
by sly devil January 19, 2004
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