the paticular sound that a fretless bass guitar makes when played.
This bass has a great mwah sound!
by dearhearts October 9, 2003
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mwah mwah
by CORLAShlalas March 8, 2019
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The sound of a quick kiss when voice is also used.Also the sound of lips smacking in a kissing motion... MWAH.. especially expressive over distances of 10+ of the nicest sounds, very flirty!
by Al January 20, 2004
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an online kiss (the sound a kiss would make)
by veggieness April 2, 2005
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The sound of air kissing (to air kiss both cheeks is "mwah mwah")
Also used to describe a chic restaurant or bar frequented by "beautiful people" (esp. media/fashion/art types)
"I went to the Ivy last night"
"How was it?"
"Very mwah!"
by Guru David October 16, 2006
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the sound of a kiss often used in internet chat or on the phone often used in a flirty way.
by caz January 21, 2005
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