78 definition by Kayla

OMG! He is such the finest. He stars in the Order, and 10 thing I hate about you, and the patriot and the four feathers i think.
He has the biggest smile and beautiful eyes
by Kayla October 18, 2003

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the rosy cheeks asians sometimes get due to a slower metabolism of alcohol (ethanol)
susie is from japan and when she has a lot of sake, she sure gets the asian flush
by kayla December 12, 2003

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When a man eats out a woman who is on her period.
Chris just earned his Red Wings
by Kayla December 08, 2003

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when you start swearing and saying all this crap to someone
That guy Marc was really starting to tick me off, so i started mouthing off
by Kayla May 07, 2004

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a person who abides by a hippie lifestyle in the choice of dress (tie-dyes, peasant style dresses, birkenstocks) and music (Grateful Dead and Phish + other jam bands) but is well-off and buys expensive "hippie" products. (E.G. will buy a 30 dollar bead neckalace and a dress from Anthropologie)
Sue spent a total of 200 bucks on that hippie outfit.
by kayla December 07, 2003

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When some one has strange erges to dress up their friends and sometimes even strangers. Most likely a girl who wants to make her guy friends hotter so they can walk around with her and look cool. Often times talks about her friends saying "He has potential" and "If only he wore ________" In extream cases phrases like "If only I could knok him out and make him wear girl pants" can be heard.
Kayla: Dude... If I could just some how make Devon and Matt unconcious... I would soooooo dress them up
Sarah: We could die their hair and make them cool!
*girl squeels*
Random Pirate: You have major dress-up fetishes.... BITCH!!!!!!!!! muhahaha
by Kayla March 24, 2005

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Means not good enough to be okay.
The food at the restaurant was mehish
by Kayla April 21, 2004

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