78 definition by Kayla

the sexiest...hottest guy you will ever meet....he has an awsome personality and is good a makeing out .......yah n e ways hes just drop dead SEXY no need to say more
look at that manni
by kayla January 23, 2004

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Slug Trails' appear after an orgasm, and your sheets have clear residue in a trail that looks like a slug has just passed through.
You should wash your sheets more often, that slug trail is all crusty now!
by Kayla July 14, 2004

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a slut with a HUMOUNGUS ass who ruined ben affleck
ben affleck was so cool until j.lo banged him
by kayla April 26, 2004

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Tom Hank's son who stars in Orange County and is kinda hot
Colin Hanks stars in orange County
by Kayla October 18, 2003

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a tight ass girl rock band
Lillix kicks ass!!!
by Kayla July 14, 2003

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a synonym for fo' shizzle.
Fo' sheezy my neezy!
by kayla June 26, 2003

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No one actually knows what it means. It is a quirky little phrase that most people don't really get to use. Its fun to say.
**WARNING: Do not actualy suck on lawn gnomes, they are a choking hazard**
"That sucks lawn Gnomes."
"Whats that mean?"
"I dunno. Its fun to say"
by Kayla April 16, 2005

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