In Texas Hold 'em 'The Kat' is the starting hand 86-suited. Named after legendary online poker player TheGameKat who made the hand famous from 2003-2005 at PokerRoom. Subsequently 'The Kat Krew' adopted this hand as a totum. The four members of The Kat Krew have 86 tatoos. TheGameKat is 86 spades, Chenzilla is 86 hearts, chompy_jr is 86 diamonds, and linkocracy is 86 clubs.
I reraised on the button with The Kat, flopped the straight and cracked aces.
by TheGameKat February 14, 2008
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Kat is talented in many areas, but the greatest thing about her is her heart.

She is admirable, kind and always ready to comfort someone who is upset.

She would generally be quite successful in the Performing Arts, especially if that is where her interests are.

She is a great advice giver and is easy to talk to, but never makes judgements.

She is too often taken for granted and overlooked. She is a beautiful person, both in appearance and personality.

It doesn't take long for her to make friends, but she is likely to be drawn to befriending the wrong people who will take advantage of her reliability and niceness.

If you have a friend like this, don't ever underestimate them or take them for granted. If you are lucky enough to have a friend like this, keep her and don't let anyone hurt her because she wouldn't let anyone hurt you!
Adults: "There aren't enough people like Kat in this world."

Girl: "I know, this 'Kat' personality is beyond reach for most people to acquire in their lifetime."

Guy: "She seems like a Kat; she's pretty and looks like such a good friend."
by BellaBearDelainey March 24, 2011
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the sweetest, kindest and an overall perfect friend and partner : i love you so much, kat <3 and im sorry im too afraid to tell you
Milo: yes i said this, Kat :>
by thatonebug December 19, 2021
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an absolute angel. kat is the sweetest, most thoughtful person you could ever have in your life. she’s been through a lot, but never fails to make others happy.
Aleeza: kat is my best friend
Josie: wow, you’re so lucky
by anti idiots July 22, 2021
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The most amazing girl you will ever meet

she has the best hugs, shes pretty, shes down to earth, Very good listener and will always have your back!
by Dyls February 10, 2012
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kat is a beautiful, loving, sweet, generous girl. she never judges and practically loves everyone. she can easily befriend people but typically befriends the wrong people and always ends up getting hurt.

kat may seem like she is so happy, but typically from so many people leaving her. kat isn’t happy, and that’s one reason she is so kind to others. so that way at least everyone else is happy. if you find a kat you never wanna use her, but she is often found being taken for granted. kat also makes some dumb descions when she doesn’t know what she wants or is scared.
“woah have you seen the new girl kat!”

“yea, but she already has her boyfriend _____ that treats her like garbage
by anonymousblood February 11, 2018
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Prettiest, most beautiful girl you will ever meet.

A sexy nerd.

Super confident, 24/7.

Extremely nice.

Is shy if you don't know her well.

Loves to laugh and make others laugh.

Smart and only flaunts it sometimes.

Hates dumb blondes.

A talker.

Loves to flirt and is good at it.

Won't stay in a relationship for the life of her.

Still looking for the perfect guy, even though people tell her there's no such thing.

Hates people who call her "Katherine".

An intense, competitive athlete.

Loves being crazy and funny and just letting go, all the time.

Full of quirks.

Wackiest person you'll ever meet.

My best friend!
All the girls want to look like her and be like her, all the guys want to go out with her, everyone wants to make her laugh and be her friend.
That is a Kat.
by eat you October 2, 2011
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