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25 definitions by Kamisama

A cartoon that really confuses me because of the fact that Rachel Roth (Raven) doesn't actually manipulate the teen titans, and there has been no scene with her seducing the Flash which was actually part of the early comics made in the 60s or so.

Although true to many ideas and keeping characters within their super power characteristics, the story plot seems to be very off. Something that also confuses me about this story line is how the world actually can't end because the current Flash has the ability to travel in time using his speed.
My life's work will be to open a parallel dimension so that I can take Raven on a date while having god-like super powers that can blow the shit out of things in a real cool way.
by Kamisama July 3, 2005
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An institution within nations that allows for the brainwashing of today's youth.

A prison setup by government officials to lock-up and force children under the legal age of ownership and self-counsel to stay so that they may be brainwashed and forced to live out a hell when they could be having fun.

A centeralized place of shitty education that is unlike a tradeschool where you learn things that you will never again use in life.

A social gathering of idiots who must be there to cause havoc upon the educated minds who wish not to be there.
See Also: Mental institution

A place where you waste a lot of time learning things when you'll just repeat them at an University or Community College.
I wasted most of my life in school so I decided to go to an alternative and graduate early so I wouldn't have to put up with the idiotic, brainwashed, fools of today's American society. I am now learning a trade making more than people who graduate college.
by Kamisama May 5, 2005
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The most bad ass mother fuckers who are trained in the U.S. Military right next to the Delta force.

These guys actually seem to threaten who I am unlike a regular cop on the street.

Some are cold bastards with no emotion and the ability to destroy people in massive amounts.

These men can pick locks, blow shit up, kill tons of people, and run a ton of miles for days on end.
If America was full of 18A Special Forces officers: Iraq would have had emp bombs blow out their electronics which kill 70% of troops. Dirty bombs killing people with radiation. Along with Specials killing people left and right with their bare hands. Iraq would have been won by now.
by Kamisama August 20, 2005
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Used as a phrase.

It means to sit somewhere and think about the idea you have or to shut up and think more about what you are going to say before you move on to what you're going to say.
Me: Hey Fonz can I get some..
Fonz: Sit on it Kami.
by Kamisama May 31, 2005
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Becoming aware of the collective substructure of life and society leading to deeper liberation than is commonly thought possible.
You have to let it all go Neo. Government, fads, bullshit: Free your mind. It's called Anarcho-communism, it's the only way to fly.
by Kamisama September 8, 2005
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Blowing up the mother fucking world.
With teamwork. Hence "teamwork".
What's the last thing you'll hear before you die? Boom.
by Kamisama April 30, 2005
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A guy who I email once in a while and conversate with online. Pretty much an interesting guy, but yet a pathetic loser.
Mainly because throughout many entries they have showed homosexual tendencies, thus uncovering themselves to be a complete faggot. is the website owned by Thilo Savage.
I'm going to buy one of those birdshirts eventually.
by Kamisama April 30, 2005
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