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Beauty. Incapacitating, indescribable beauty. Kami is caring, kind, with a heart of gold. She looks at you with deep, penetrating eyes, radiating some profound, ancient quality you'll never figure out. Spiritual. Usually a perfectionist. Sometimes a germophobe. Always working hard; always making bad jokes; always thoughtful. Every man wants her. No one gets her. She is confident, playful, competitive and unwaveringly loyal and loving to her man. She falls in love once and relentlessly never lets go. Her body, as divine and immaculate as her soul. Sexy, charming, elegant lover. You won't be able to get your mind off her, let alone your hands. Kami is a WORK OF ART: the universe's gift to humanity.
by rokogourmetmuffins December 12, 2017
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the most prettiest girl ever! she makes everyone laugh and so nice. she is great at sports and can do anything to make someone happy!
kami is the prettiest girl.
by kami k February 18, 2018
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The Japanese word for a god or deity as well as paper. If used in the context of god, "Kami" refers to any god, while "Kami-sama" refers to "the" god.
Kami no Kami (The paper god / the godly paper)
by 1337-speak October 01, 2004
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a really fucking hot girl who any guy is lucky to even look at
Nerd: I wish kami looked at me

Cool kid: hehehe we talk all the time 🤤
by therealstorebrandnate November 11, 2018
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Kami are any of the sacred beings worshiped in Shintoism, conceived as spirits abiding in natural phenomena and sometimes in people with extraordinary qualities.
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A girl that is tha funniest damn person u will ever meet ! and is perverted haha! but...its cool and she can be a btich when she wants to. And THINKS! that she is fat but....shes NOT!! And has tha prettiest eyes and hair u have ever seen ! (brown hair) (green eyes)
She is Fine !!!! lol
by nun ya ! January 11, 2004
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