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Something that is cooler than yourself and those around you. pronounced "TOT-SEE"
"That girl is so TOTSE i'll never get her"

"I can't believe this party's so TOTSE"

"Your mom catching skiff-a-lofo-guss from me at last years christmas party when we all got drunk was definitly the most non "TOTSE" moment of my life"
by skitzo Money Boxer boy December 24, 2006
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and the (T)emple (O)f (T)he (S)creaming (E)lectron. TOTSE.
When I went to totse I didn't even know how to make a hydrocarbon cannon, why I can't go the speed of light, or what these small bumps on my penis were. I left knowing why DXM isn't just for kids, how I could make a trench coat out of duct tape, and learned why I shouldn't use the word ******.
by Pwnt? February 17, 2004
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Totse is a website, that will tell you a lot about life. is the full address. It's a lot of fun and you're likely to learn a helluva lot. Enjoy it. is one of the greatest websites on earth. that guy who wrote about the hydrocarbon cannon and stuff... listen to the guy.
by Conor June 05, 2004
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n. A site where free speech is encouraged.
I have to agree with the guy that was talking about hydrocarbon Cannon, you go in there with an IQ of 100 and after years of sleepless nights on that site you learn that Totse causes insommia, lack of sleep, sleepless nights, and waste of electricty.
by sss3d July 16, 2004
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Totse, In 1989 I started a dial-up BBS system called & the Temple of the Screaming Electron with an old 8088 PC XT clone with a 20MB hard drive and a 2400 baud modem running DOS and DMG BBS software.

A man named Jeff Hunter is the one held responsible for the creation of totse.

Totse is a BBS/Textfile website, it has forums discussing everything and anything, from 100 ways to torture a cat, to discussing wether or not you can make white ions into red ones.
Anyway totse has a wide number or things to off, raging 14 year old boys who can't type properly, horny old men asking for exotic_touch's tittis, nazi moderators, and last but not least. Useful information.
by Acid-Killer March 10, 2005
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Totse isn't just a website, totse is the first true website, if it can even be called a website anymore. Nowadays, totse is your fat, sweaty Mexican mom. I, snoopy, am the saggy bitchtits that slap your dumb ass skank ho around if you misbehave, or if you just happen to be around me when you shouldn't.

Totse, like all holy things, exists from 3 divine parts. The text file section, the BBS, and the IRC chatroom. The text file section is like the Bible, only better. It, like the bible, is filled with metaphors, riddles and satire. Unfortunately, these are the arch enemies of any idiot's brain, hence the text file section is very hated, yet it is very famous for acts of losing fingers, burning ones face off, getting in jail, getting raped, murder/suicide, molotov everything etc.

The BBS is much like a BBQ. There's the elite, enjoying the weather, food, poolside conversation a.o. However, for every elite, there are about 1000 (one thousand) idiots, throwing around frisbees, kicking footballs into the grill, setting off bottle rockets from our drinks, peeing in the pool and so on and so on.

The IRC room isn't very popular, because it's one of the few corners of totse still held intact by the elites. For a community with thousands and thousands of members, the IRC room never gets more than 20 users at once. This is largely because we, the elites, ban anyone who comes in on tap.

All in all, if you're reading this and you've never been to totse, I would just like to prepare you for hours upon hours of getting your worthlessness shoved down your throat by none other than me, myself and TrippyMcGee.
"Or we could replace you with a piece of chicken."
by Snoopy March 04, 2005
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