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A complex in which so called "mental" people are supposed to live in. It is a method of scrict isolation often used by governments so as to make people lose hope and destroy them physically and mentally.

Mental institutions often are veiled with a positive slogan which misinforms customers. These customers are lured into undertaking the "mental" psycological processes.
See school or nursing home.

Other institutions force unwilling hospital patients into their mental facilities. These unlucky patients are sent to a different kind of mental institution called an asylum, which is harsher than a school but with more if not equal brainwashing strength. Different types of similar mental institutions include crisis stabilization, open units, medium-term, juvenile wards, long term care facilities or halfway houses.

Sometimes corrupt government leaders of authoritative countries use mental institutions to punish people they simply don't like. The president of an authoritative country might banish a senator he ran against. The senator would have to go into an psychiatric hospital to get the "treatment" that he or she needed. This is a way for government leaders to get rid of people they don't like.

Conclusion: Mental institution=bad

You get the point.
Mental guy: im so happy im going to da mental institution.

Other guy: good for you.
by Wheelz081 October 16, 2009
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A place where people talk about killing themselves and/or other people. These people are often in a dark room with a straight jacket on and take a lot of medication
''My uncle Tony had to be put in a mental institution because he said he was going to kill himself.'' ''But it's not his fault. He has no friends and his family doesn't give a damn about him. ''Man this country is fucked up;;;
by Monkey Face April 16, 2006
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