A fucking cool band who were awesome when I first heard them all those years ago and are still awesome now. All the teenyboppers in the world can't change the fact that they kick ass. Fuck you people who call them shit just because they're on MTV now. Fuck you and your mother and your father and your sister and your best friend's dog.

By the way So Long Astoria is a great album. Possibly the most consistently good album they've ever made. It sucks how old Ataris fans try and be cool by saying it's a shitty album just because it got them the attention of MTV and has better production values than the old stuff.
Most assholes who think The Ataris suck have only heard Boys Of Summer, which is a fucking cover song.
by the ataris are awesome February 29, 2004
A band that has been around since 1995. They have a recent album that is just as good as the old ones. Although people say they sold out, they are just gaining popularity. And people who have just heard of them now and call them a poser can suck it.
The Ataris have been going stong since '95.
by Sara Roe May 20, 2003
A really good band. The new album is different in the others, not better or worse. It has pros and cons (wonderful vocals, softer, you decide if you like it or not). Blue Skies, Broken Hearts... Next 12 Exits or Let it Burn are their best albums, in my opinion.

By the way, Sara Roe, are you Kris's sister?
by Emily January 3, 2004
a band that started out in 1995 with the album anywhere but here. they started from punk roots as they were on kung fu records because of the vandals. with each album, their music progressed and members switched around until their current lineup became kris roe guitarist, john corolla guitar, mike davenport bass, and chris knapp (aka kid) drums. they got signed to columbia after and started making different music which lead their old fans to believe that they were sell outs. regardless, they were still the same people. however years later:
mike and kid left (or got kicked out) because of various reasons. mike had an addiction problem and kris was being a jackass to kid, which lead him to leave. the ataris now a 7 piece is recording their new album: welcome the night and should be due in July. this should be a deeper album and a big change because kris just went through a divorce with his ex.
1. Even though people said the ataris sold out with so long astoria, they are wrong! they still kickass; i just played san dimas at their last show!

2. Wow I cannot beleive whta a douche kris has turned into. what happened to the real ataris? they were true.
by i am the man March 20, 2006
maybe you should shut the fuck up, you fuckin cunt. just because you don't like a band, it doesn't mean the band sucks. up yours.
the ataris are a cool band
by Anonymous April 1, 2003
(1) A great band, kind of pop-punk, that sings a lot about girl problems and falling in love. Their latest album, So long, Astoria, is not as good as their last ones, but it still has some good songs.
(2) A group of Atari video game systems.
(1) "Fuck, Jim, the Ataris is a great band!" "I agree, and anyone who hates it should burn in hell."
(2) "Bob just dumped the Ataris in that corner then walked away. I hope I can have his Pong game."
by KaiserMonkey August 17, 2003
A band that has been around since 1995. No one can seem to agree wether or not they are sellouts - somewhat of an enigma. I propose that anyone that has been on Nickelodeon has sold out, though I am unsure if this particular band has been on Nickelodeon.
The Ataris confused people with their new album - are they sellouts or are they not?
by Kerberos375 December 12, 2003