35 definition by KK

a group of retarded white guys (with the execeptions of Eminem, the Beastie Boys, and 65% of the white kids at my school)who pretend like they're from the Projects
at the present time, EVERYONE
by KK November 26, 2004

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to jack of someone with your own hand
i got jamie to give me a hand job
by kk November 08, 2002

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A girl every 15 yr. old boy (including Me) wants to have sex with!
Girls from S. California or even Tampa, Florida
by KK February 01, 2004

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2 words that a 7 year old boy in 1995 (i.e. me) DID NOT WANT TO HEAR FROM AN OLDER GIRL'S MOUTH!!!
ohhh, i hear it now. get me the shotgun
by KK December 30, 2004

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The jedi that appealed most to Star Wars fans, because he was so geeky, just like them. I mean, if any other jedi was in Luke's possition when he found out Vader was his father, would they have screamed like a wussy?
Star Wars > all other movies forever.
by KK May 11, 2005

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to be so horny that your dick squirts every time you move or when your very hard and a girl touches your stick
when sara asked me if i wanted head i got moist
by kk November 08, 2002

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kegdude is correct on the definition but it is a shitty word because Q.T. hasn't done anything good since 1994's Reservior Dogs. Since then his movies suck, including Pulp and especially Kill Bill(s). Q.T. was had so many ass lickers around him for so long that no one dared tell him to pare back the dialog and no one has yet. KBV1 has less dialog, but it is a fucked up movie.
That bar last night had a Tarantinoesque vibe.
by KK August 06, 2004

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