97 definitions by KARL

A master of the fitness routine called "Palosh", a mix between kung fu and pilates.
"wow that yoshi guy is a real paloshi, ive never seen one before."
by Karl September 05, 2004
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an exclamation of surprize.
what can you do on a skateboard?

didn't you just see me 360 flip that 13 set back there?

good lord!
by karl July 23, 2004
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a stick that saves the day with a big smile
some one who saves the day with a smile
by karl October 08, 2003
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it's denDrophIliac, dumbass
"if you can't spell dendrophiliac, you're a fucking dumbass, Steve," said Karl on his way down the mystery chute.
by Karl June 03, 2003
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if you happen to be an electronics student in high school and you can't stand the music they play on the bus, find a schematic for a tunable FM transmitter. then when you get on the bus, plug in your cd player and tune it to the frequency of the station the driver is playing! hopefully your signal will be strong enough to overcome the other one coming in. It great to see the looks on other peoples faces when all of the sudden a bill cosby comedy routine comes in over 50 cent hahaha
note: don't get caught, it's probably illegal.
by karl December 04, 2004
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Any of the small creatures that live within the nose. "Boogers" within the nostrils is infact Proboscis Weasel shit. "Snot" in the nose is actually urine from the Proboscis Weasel. They cause no other harm than clogging your nasil passage. You're born with them, you die with them, and they live off of nose hairs that have fallen out.
This damn Proboscis Weasel is giving me so many boogers, it pisses me off!

I've been so busy picking out all the boogers my Proboscis Weasel leaves that I forgot to pick up little Betsy from school.
by Karl March 14, 2004
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one horny bitch
the sex is great, she's such a notusadin
by Karl December 23, 2003
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