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Some girl that is very nice, Her face was oval, her profile pure and classical and light. Her eyes were brownish and remote with a glint of lunacy. Her hair harmonious with the black of night. Her heart, of gold, of amity and admittance. An inner child, one shown on the outside, never to be hurt always forgiven, never forgotten, though it is hard to forget such a person as this. So special, so sweet, you might ask one day as she passes, why she smiles always-is it because everyone enjoys her company – is it because it is a blessing to stand near her- or to be fortunate to know her.
Hey see that girl walking over there, she wishes she was as cool as minami. Minami is sooo AWESOME!!!!
by yesum April 26, 2005
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A sweet girl who is very smart and quiet. She is very outgoing and cute who can be very sexy at times. She loves th outdoors and the environment. Any guy would be lucky to have her as a girlfriend. As sweet as she may be, she can also give a strong fight. But she doesn't enjoy fights anyway. She is also very fashionable and modern. She is such a funny adorble asian girl!
Hey it's Minami! She is so sweet and adorable
by Hiyaku Shimata July 14, 2010
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an extremely sexy cool short lil asian girl
that girl is such a Minami it gives me a stiffy
by karl April 25, 2005
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A very sweet, outgoing, attractive, and funniest girl you will ever meet. She knows how to gives good advices too. She can get any men she really wanted too. Everybody loves Minami. It's hard not too.

Minami is a sweet loving girl, but at times she could be REALLY freaky! To any guy that has her should be felt special. She isn't easy. If you have her, you are one of a kind. Not anyone could get her. At school, every guy wants her. Every girl wants to be her friend.

But really, Minami is an angel sent from heaven. She is a one of a kind. If she is in a relationship, he will treat you no other. She is extremely loyal, sweet, loving, kind, funny, outgoing, and even HOT!
Minami really is a one of a kind...
by Alex Wond January 28, 2018
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