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A trashy 80's metal song about space travel by a Swedish metal band called Europe. One can be entertained by listening to this song for hours.
Haha The Final Countdown is playing. What a crappy song.
by Karl April 05, 2005
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You cum down a girls ass, and then you lick it out and gulp it down.
Man, Hoovers are so wrong.
by Karl November 22, 2003
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i think it's a big ledge in california that people like to skate. don't quote me though. I know for sure that it's a skate spot, but I'm not 100% positive on the location
I heard some kid say something like, "Yeah, I kickflip bluntslid El Toro first try but we didn't get it on tape."
by karl September 09, 2004
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It stands for Kewl Doods Only!!!
No man you can't go.... CDO!!!!
by KARL March 01, 2005
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some hip-hop guys... they got some pretty nice tracks, like 'a day at the races', thats my favorite one. but of course, its the only track of theirs that i've heard so of course it's my favorite.
look at the other guy's definition because it is way better than mine...
by karl July 08, 2004
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a saw that is really super. it has like, a huge diamond blade on it and it cuts through basically anything. anything.
i've never really heard the term "supersaw" in reference to electronic music production... i think that guy just made it up, considering that most synths nowadays have two oscillators that can be detuned by 50cents and a envelope controlled filter and amplifier you can basically make the supposedly elusive and magestic "supersaw" waveform with any modern synth, and probably most vintage ones that are about 20 years old.
by karl August 10, 2004
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