400 definition by Justin

1. To be intoxicated off any alcohol.
2. Just started drinking.
How ever which way you think you sound cool, use it.

I first heard this word from my sisters ex after he got outa the pin after 2 years, I ask myself why in the fuck would dey be using that word up in der? Don't get me wrong, its pretty coo 2 use.
Simple example - You pervin?
2. Ay yo dog nuts, you pervin?
by Justin August 29, 2004

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a variation of the exclamation "sweet", but usually in a very high-pitched voice. the e's might also be dragged out for extended periods of time. pretty cool the first time you say it, but after about number two or three of saying it, gets very annoying. use caution when saying excesseively, you might get bitch-slapped.
"man your new ride is schweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet"
"true, true."
by Justin March 03, 2005

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To avoid fulfilling a responsibility. To renege on an agreement.

The term comes from the word "cop," to steal. It is in general usage, and has been long before any "song" by Eminem.
I was going to go to the movies with Gillian last night, but she copped out on me and made her father dinner.
by Justin March 01, 2005

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inner thigh distance of a woman (person)
she has a nice ITD

she can fit a keg in her ITD
by justin June 10, 2004

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The stage of smoked up between high and ripped.
'I'm a fuckin airplane, man, I can see the trees below me' is usually uttered between periods of staring at houseplants and making brnyard noises.
by Justin October 14, 2003

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Breeding ground for the Redneck population of Tennessee. Some consider it the Redneck Captial of the South. Most of her residents prefer their hair short in the front and long in the back, a Tennessee Tophat if you will.

Many a roofer have found their way here in search of gainful employment with moderate success.
Pam: We gon get us a biscuit and a pepsssi down der at Arnge's Market on Bear Waller. They got the best biscuit's in all of Ashland City.
by Justin April 19, 2005

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A person that can't find their own ass with two hands and a map.
Sean Morrell is a fucking coner
by Justin April 08, 2005

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