Savant (from the French savant "knowing", English since the 18th century) may refer to:

Savant syndrome describes a person with a mental deficit who has one or more genius level abilities.
An autistic savant describes an autistic person who has savant syndrome.
Gustavo Bustos
Polymath, a person possessing superior abilities in multiple, often unrelated subjects
In intelligence testing, a person of exceptional genius, also referred to as a "genius savant"
by Gina Kehres April 8, 2008
An autistic person that knows lots or, the best Dubstep makers name
by February 15, 2015
That is an answer only an Savant would give, Your a Savant.
by Greatnessssknown January 18, 2020
Stands for Screenies Avatars and Neo Turtles.

It's an avatar related guild on neopets, originally a chat group on the avatar chat called UST, but they all have flocked to the guild. There is only about 10 active members left, the rest have all quit/are frozen. They rarely let in people (actually never), unless you were in UST.

Mothersister and everyone else secretly (some not to secretly) want to join. It's one of the most popular guilds out there and has been around for about 5 years.
"Have you ever heard of the guild Savant?

"Duh! It's most popular guild on the ac everyone wants to be in it!"
by chickelchakkle September 8, 2009
The cutest and coolest person you would ever meet or think about.
by Say600 December 20, 2016
A fucking idiot who doesn't have a mental disability, but may have a social disorder. Does weird shit.
Dude, Lloyd is such a savant! He spilled dug up a fucking tree!
by Tits Mcg33 February 7, 2011
Someone who demonstrates extraordinary skill and knowledge about anything related to poop.
That turd savant could smell your shit blindfolded and tell you what you ate for breakfast!
by Dr Bunnygirl January 4, 2019