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An expression invented by black people. Its literal meaning is "Sure, that would be swell!", but can also be used to express any happiness and excitement, which makes sense because black people are very easily excited.
"Yo, wana go eat some fried- C?" "Dayum foshizzles!"

"Omagah, i jus popped a nigga in da mouth and got dis lil trick right ova hurr!" "Dayum foshizzles!"
by Juicalicious April 26, 2010
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Former vice-president. His favorite game is duck-duck face.
"Watch out for Dick Cheney. He might shoot you in the face."
by Juicalicious April 25, 2010
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The shiver that travels up your spine when you have to take a huge dump. It makes your shoulders jerk and your voice will most likely crack if you are speaking. The weird thing is no one ever seems to notice.
So I was wal-KI-ni-ng..." "Aha." "Just got the shit chills. Be right back.
by juicalicious April 09, 2011
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Bill Cosby's pronunciation and spelling of "Earth Day". Even though he probably doesn't celebrate it, he has an opinion because he's fucking Bill Cosby.
" Irth Day is a very importin day. It's like birthday without tha b. Pick up your jell-o puddin'-pop sticks."
by Juicalicious April 25, 2010
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Polish word for drunk pronounced pee-yak. They like to stand in front of grocery stores and harass you for spare change. Pijaks usually have red faces, and almost always are wearing a black ski cap that stands on top of their heads.
"That guy has a very stylish ski cap." "He's a pijak, they always wear one."
by Juicalicious April 24, 2010
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A new hipster fad. Apparently inflating your cheeks with air and bugging your eyes out in a picture is cute and "awkward". Also positioning your hands to look like they are clutching your face while your knuckles are bent is another cool "awkward" pose hipsters love.
by juicalicious April 11, 2011
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Jesus' more powerful, ginger brother.
"Jesus give me back my x-box, or I'll roundhouse kick your ass back into Jerusalem."-Chuck Norris
by Juicalicious April 25, 2010
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