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Portuguese men are the strongest and most sexually pleasing. They work hard all day so when they get home to their wives and girls, they expect you to get on your knees and fucking suck off their massive cock. Because Portuguese men have such massive cocks that it’s physically exhausting for them to jack off themselves. So you get on your knees and try to fit it in your mouth. Then let him fuck you in the ass while in the shower, because he’s leaving soon to go work again!
Daniel: im home
Jenna: oh my love your home!
Daniel: ya ya bitch, just suck me off while I eat and let me fuck your vagina in the shower, then get the fuck away cause im going to work, then with the guys to go fuck some sluts we find on the road.
Jenna: right away my Portuguese man, fuck me good, you deserve it!
by Juanxxx May 19, 2008

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A latin man is one form south america, he has a hairy, toned body, but a very think and large penis. He comes to this country illigally and fucks many women, then leaves them after tearing thier pussy in half.
Yo men, what up? i jsut got back from de bar, i fucked a slut in the washroom and came on her face so i had enough time to escape! Im such a latin man!
by Juanxxx May 19, 2008

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An Italian man is one who is at the epidemic of sex. He has a tanned hairy body, and sexy facial features. He gets your trust and then takes you home; he licks your pussy a bit and then massages your breasts, at which point he strips his clothing, revealing his hairy body and 6 pack. He talks to you in Italian and unzips his pants. He is a real man because he doesn’t care about your pain, only pleasure. He rams into you with so much force. With his 8 inch cock the Italian man rips you in pieces as he fucks your cunt up the wall. He shakes your pussy so hard that you drip your nectar on his thick shaft and hairy manly balls. He holds you up with his muscles and fucks you hard in the ass. He pulls out and fucks your tits. Finally he takes his huge Italian sausage in his hand and violently jacks it all over your face and hair, then rubs and hits it on your face and makes you lick him clean. He showers up first, gets dressed, eats some food, then has about 30 more thrusts at your vagina before leaving you on the kitchen floor without a goodbye.
Paul: yo fred I fucked tina last night!
Fred: was she a good pussy?
Paul: doesn’t matter when my cock got through with her she was nearly unconscious, fuckin bitch…
Fred: wanan gang bang Gloria today?
Paul: naw, im feeling like some fresh meat today, lets go downtown and convince a girl we care and then fuck her brains out.
Fred: you are a trus Italian man, with your Italian cock, you ride bitches like buses.
by Juanxxx May 19, 2008

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Hispanic zip is the removal of pants when Spanish person is driving. When a Spanish man gets in the car alone, it is important for him to unzip and remove his pants. Getting an erection while driving will not allow the Hispanic time to relieve the constraints. Because the Spanish penis is such a large and hard penis, it must be relieved. Afterwards however the Latin man might find it hard to drive with the dick up against the wheel.
Juan unzipped his pants before getting in the car to go play with friends, he knew he would be passing by where the prostitutes were and couldn’t afford another ripped pair of pants by his mammoth pole. So he did the Hispanic zip.
by Juanxxx May 20, 2008

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A Hispanic male who comes to North America to get some sweet pussy. He has large muscles and goes to clubs all night to leave with some ass and pound it when he gets home. Hairy Juan refers to a man with much hair, therefore he is masculine. When bitches see the hair he’s got on his chest and arms, they cant wait to get him home and have his hairy ball sack smacking their pussy from behind. Please note the hairy Juan will not be afraid to show off his hairy body and grind on pussy at clubs. He knows that only real mean have hair and takes his large cock with pride when screwing a slut in her holes.
Juan: yo bitches some round, im a hairy Juan so you know im packing a long pole. Who wants to suck?
Bitch: im getting some hairy balls tonight!
by Juanxxx November 08, 2008

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What a woman thinks is going on while a man is fucking the brains out of her.
mary: i love you joe
Joe: here, lemme screw ur mouth so u can stop talking.
by Juanxxx May 20, 2008

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