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Being upset about 1 thing, then creating another problem because you're distraught about the first problem

"My boss fired me and I went home and Doubledowned on my girlfriend so she split on me"
by Jonfurstn May 10, 2009

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Someone who is so miserable they bring you down and sap your happiness.
Everytime I'm with that serotonin sucker brother of mine, I feel gloomy.
by Jonfurstn November 25, 2009

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Someone who is painfully sensitive
The mean lady lashed out at everyone, because her brain was filled with sensitivity grenades.
by Jonfurstn November 23, 2009

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The baseless suspicion of the motives of others that unexpectedly turns out well.
Two people were whispering about me and I thought it was something bad, but it turned out to be something nice, and I felt parajoya.
by Jonfurstn November 09, 2009

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Praised probably in exaggerated manner upon one's death
Most people during their lifetimes feel unappreciated and not special. However, in the end at their funerals, they often DIELAUDED
by Jonfurstn July 26, 2010

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trying to explain an idea or concept to a group of people but they misinterpret its meaning because of cultural barriers
I tried to explain a sensitive subject to my ethnic friends but without an emotional translator, they became enraged
by Jonfurstn December 18, 2010

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You feel validated because your fear of what was going to happen took place but are quite sad for the result.
I warned everyone about global warming and they didn't listen. I felt a sense of veripity when it started taking place
by Jonfurstn July 16, 2010

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