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An underrated Nickelodeon game show, which ran from 1993-1996. Players must complete challenges, based on the historical legend of the day.

Starting off, we have the following teams:
Red Jaguars
Purple Parrots
Blue Barracudas
Green Monkeys
Orange Iguanas
and Silver Snakes.

First, the teams must try to cross a moat. Only four of the six teams will make it to...

the Steps of Knowledge. Teams must correctly answer questions about the legend, and make it down to the bottom step. Two teams will advance to...

the Temple Games. The teams must complete 3 physical challenges, loosely based on the legend of the day, and they earn Pendants of Life for winning. The team with the most pendants, or the winner of the tiebreaker, will go to the bonus round...

Olmec's Temple. Here, the remaining team must negotiate the temple, get the legendary artifact, and get out, within 3 minutes. If they run out of time, or if the second player gets caught by aq temple guard with no pendant, GAME OVER.

If the team succeeds in getting out of the temple, with the artifact, before time is up, they will win a vacation.

All in all, this was a pretty good show, which died long before its time. Nickelodeon could have supported a show like this nowadays, but no.... they just HAVE to be the next Cartoon Network.
I always wanted to be a contestant on "Legends of the Hidden Temple" during its run... but I never could make the trip to Orlando. I just KNEW I could get all the way to the end -- and win the vacation!
by Jason L. April 16, 2005
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The greatest game show ever made. Old school Nickelodeon owes its popularity to great shows like this. New kids every day explore its goodness through the GAS channel.
The Legends of the Hidden Temple teams are Blue Barracudas, Green Monkeys, Purple Parrots, Red Jaguars, Silver Snakes and the Orange Iguanas are all the teams. People get these shirts from
by Jimmy Smits Jr. May 06, 2007
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