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If someone is a mongul, he's an absolute twat.
It can also be used to describe a "mongol," but "mongul" is way more offensive.
"Fuck you man, you mongul."
"Right back at you, mong."
by Johnson Kato June 07, 2016

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Typically used in the world of sport and videogames.
If you're booming someone, you're absolutely destroying them.
"Dude, I'm freaking booming these noobs."
by Johnson Kato June 06, 2016

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a dickhead in the sense of an idiot
"Simon is an absolute qwak for doing that."
by Johnson Kato May 18, 2016

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literally means "cock" and is often used instead of "dickhead"
"Dude, you're a fucking konk."
"At least I have one."
by Johnson Kato July 26, 2016

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Short for "long black sausage" also known as a long black penis.
"Jakob has such an lbs, man."
"Yeh, true."
by Johnson Kato June 16, 2016

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