The mixture of feces and sweat between the rectum and the scrotum. Often times adhering to the hair that is growing in the goochal region.
I took a nice poop this morning. However, I wasn't able to wipe away all of my feces. I still have some konk left. Hopefully a shower will do the trick.

Does konk smell bad too?
by tkat March 20, 2014
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literally means "cock" and is often used instead of "dickhead"
"Dude, you're a fucking konk."
"At least I have one."
by Johnson Kato July 26, 2016
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Alternate spelling (or maybe the guys at TSG just don't know how to spell) for the word conk. It refers to a means of straightening frizzy hair, or the resulting hairstyle subsequent to such straightening.
We found this one in the FBI file of Jack Lord, the late star of Hawaii Five-0 and the only white guy to wear a konk. -- From The Smoking Gun Archive.
by Yakityak August 18, 2006
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A Korean. Also known as a spoon-face or shovel-head.
Derived from the Japanese word "Kankokujin" (pronounced Kahn-koe-koo-jin) , meaning "Korean". Typically used as an insulting slur to reffer to a korean person. Unlike other racial slurs like "nigger", koreans are for the most part unaware of the meaning of this word and will thus not take offense when it is mentioned in front of them.
Korean: *Yells something in korean at john, then turns to his korean friends and bursts out laughing*

John: "Sorry, me no speaky spoon-face you lousy konk."

Korean: *Walks away unoffended and unpreturbed*
by dilman-7 March 07, 2007
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a person with a really big fucking nose
hutchings you got a big konk you gay bastard
by Tyrone March 11, 2005
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Konk is a multi-faceted word. It is usually said in a sexual or physical manner, but can have many meanings when used in the appropriate context. It can be quite difficult to go wrong with the word "konk." Is there something that's throwing you off your normal vibe? Then you're probably getting KONKED by something.
"Oh my god dude, I konked the hell out of her last night."

"I got into a bar fight last night, I konked this guy in the nose so bad. He was gushing blood everywhere."

"This weather is konking me right now. Not a fan."

"This Physics exam tomorrow is gonna konk the shit out of me. Pray for me."

"My Instagram post is getting so many likes right now, my Notification Center is getting konked!"

"The vibes today are konking me right now, Mercury is definitely in retrograde."
by gingernick February 23, 2019
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